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23 February 2020
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Cllr. Ed O Brien, Fianna Fail

Constituency Office, 8A The Village Centre.
Ph: 01 610 5811. Mob: 087 799 7609
Fianna Fail Group Leader on South Dublin County Council

12th Lock to Hazel Hatch Greenway: I was disappointed learn of the refusal of the NTA to fund the extension of the Grand Canal Greenway to Hazel Hatch especially as SDCC have recently completed their planning application for the works associated with the development. Greenways have proven to be an excellent tourist attraction and traffic management tool and I will continue to pursue this matter to have the Greenway completed.

Safe cycling routes for schools: I am again raiding this issue at this week's Lucan area committee meeting. We must make efforts to remove the number of cars on the road in Lucan every morning by exploring alternative travel options.


Cllr Paul Gogarty, Independent and Green-minded

Not just at election time
Tel: 087-2752489

Election 2020: I am once again deeply grateful for Lucan support. To get within 225 votes of a Dail seat in the by-election was brilliant, but with candidates who lost Council seats last May now getting almost two quotas in some constituencies, this was not an election where work on the ground or candidate credentials counted the most. Three elections in nine months! I am sorely tired. I've a backlog to get through and plenty of ideas to push, so I will keep ploughing on.

Anti-social: Am fed up with random attacks on teenagers and the lack of respect for others online and in real life. Dealing with this takes resources and it takes a community approach. For now, citizens need to call out all poor behaviour whenever they feel safe to do so. And always immediately report serious incidents to the Gardai.


Cllr Shane Moynihan, Fianna Fail (Palmerstown-Fonthill)

Ph: 087 7840898
Twitter: @shanemoynihan

General election: Thanks to residents for their courtesy and for taking the time to speak with us during the election campaign. It was a disappointing day for us to see John Curran lose his seat and I want to pay tribute to him for his hard work as a TD for our constituency. Congratulations to the new deputies on their election.

Hermitage Park: I am pleased to report that the prevalence of rats near Hermitage Park and Ballyowen Lane has significantly reduced over the past few weeks, following my representations and those made by residents and other councillors.

Public lighting: I have asked the Council to repair the lights behind Mount Andrew Court. The bus stop near this location is important for many residents and having the area well-lit is important for public safety.


Transport Users

Another while elephant public investment is coming down the line many times greater than the cost of the New Children's Hospital, the Metro link because of its design will have very little effect on easing traffic congestion. It will undermine existing public transport, existing local and country rail because of the radial system all via the centre. It will cause a new form of congestion called Transport Induction Congestion where users are induced unnecessary to the city centre to go out again on this Metro. The solution is a Metro Dart system that can be built for half the cost in half the time benefiting all areas of Dublin. The flaws of this Metro system should exposed now in order to have them rectified, not when its too late. A public meeting on the flaws of Metro Link and how they can be solved in Wynn's Hotel D1 on Saturday 14th March at 11 AM. We need your support to ensure Lucan doesn't lose out.

T. Newton 086 3127364