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25 September 2022
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Last week of September already! As we pass the Autumn Equinox this weekend, Friday 23rd at 2.03am in Ireland to be precise, we are officially into Autumn, and can enjoy those beautiful colours along the way. Lucan certainly has its fair share of trees, including Chestnuts, the fruit being abundant this year – it’s time for Conkers!
And it looks like many of the chestnuts were beaten down in Thursdays heavy rain.

Spotted berries on a Holly Bush last week – in the old days, people regarded this as a sign of a bad winter – the berries were there for the birds to build themselves up in time for the hard weather to come.

Great to see St. Joseph’s building project under way. Over the past few years, Lucan Newsletter has reported on planning permissions applied for and granted for school extensions all over Lucan, but for some reason or other, the actual construction does not happen for many years later, when the population has once again exploded!!!

Lucan Swimming Pool….. It was very disappointing to read of further delay to this project. It will most likely cost a lot more money by the time it is finished, if it ever is!!!

Ants – those little critters that invade our gardens in summer! A study recent study has estimated that there are at least 20 quadrillion ants on Earth – that’s 20 million billion! Wonder how they counted them!