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24 September 2023
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Last week of September!
Hard to believe we're here already - kids well back in school, and college students finding their feet this past week. Time sure goes a lot faster these days!

Worrying times for our Politicians, and indeed for all of our society. While many of our representatives might be familiar with jeers and jibes, things have really sunk to a new low as the scenes outside the Dail last Wednesday showed.
We'd do well to remember that our representatives put themselves out there. Most people would not put themselves up before a public vote. Regardless of which party our representatives belong to, they must be accorded the respect they deserve.

Good luck to our Boys in Green as they take on South Africa this Saturday. We'll all be glued to the telly. Fingers crossed!

One person who won't be glued to her telly, is Sharon Lee, from Lucan, who received tickets to the game on Patrick Kielty's first Late Late Show.
Congratulations Sharon!

Speaking of the Late Late Show, what did you think of it? There were a couple of interesting interviews - it will take time to settle into a new routine.

World's Most Viewed Photograph - Bliss!


Where did you see this picture before?
Taken in California in 1996 by Charles O'Rear, who just happened to be driving by the scene, it became the iconic desktop background for PCs running Windows XP from 2001 to 2007.
Looks very like Telly Tubbies land!!
The hill has since been ploughed up and a vineyard is now on the spot, with several trees on the landscape.


Sunday Morning Mass in St Mary's Parish Banff, Alberta Canada.
July 2023 what a backdrop to a beautiful church.
The Rockies.
Paul and Phil Cleary