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28 June 2020
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pictures of the churches in lucan


All going well, we'll have more businesses opening up, and activities getting under way from Monday.
Please do your best to support all our local business people, in these very challenging times.

Our Churches will begin to welcome parishioners back to the buildings, and all are working to accommodate worshippers as safely as possible. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to see some sort of normality, though it will probably never be quite the same again for anyone.

Facemasks / coverings: It would appear that the number of those wearing them in local supermarkets is growing, and as we go to press, it looks like they may be made mandatory on public transport. They are uncomfortable things to wear, but if it makes a difference to someone's health, why not?

Covid-19 in Lucan!
Did you know that you can now check the Census website to see the Covid numbers in an area?
Log on to:
At the moment, the number for all the Lucan Electoral areas stands at 563 confirmed cases.

A New Government - Maybe we'll have our new coalition government this weekend. At this stage, people just want stability, where work can be continued on getting us out of this big hole we find ourselves in at the moment.

Burgers at the Foxhunter! After much speculation, we've learned that a burger joint is going into the old Foxhunter. At the moment, there are two porta cabins catering for the burger lovers.

Bells on Bikes! We've been asked to mention the problem of 'silent cyclists' again. Isn't it strange that with all the talk of cyclists safety, that they don't have to have a bell on their bike?
Back in the 1980s, schoolchildren were invited to take their bikes to school to be tested by a road safety official, and if they didn’t have a bell then, they were told to get one immediately!


Rosebay Willow Herb - There is a great swathe of this beautiful wild flower, close to the little orchard, in Lucan Demesne at the moment.
The powdered root of this plant, like so many of our wild flowers, has been used in medicine, and was said to stop internal bleeding.
Indeed, there are many wild blooms to be admired in Lucan Demesne and St. Catherines at the moment. If you have a copy of Treasures of Lucan, you will be able to identify several.

July! By this time next week, we'll be into July, with almost 4 months of publishing online only. We can't say when we will be back in hard copy, but hopefully, we'll know more over the next few weeks. Rest assured, we'll take care of all our advertisers, and look forward to having copies for those who don't have the internet.


Happy Birthday

to Fr. Philipwho had a special day this past week!
Without giving too much away, you might be seeing a lot of him on the buses, when things get moving again!



Italia '90

In last week's issue, our piece from the archives looked forward to our game with Romania, in Genoa! We did it, we reached the quarter-finals under Capt. Mick McCarthy!

The next game would be in Rome, against the Azzurri, on Saturday 30th June. We won't forget that Schillaci fellow, but we'll always remember our heroes, who bowed out of the competition losing to Italy by a single goal.

From our archives ....
Sunday 1st July 1990


Pope John Paul II, and Packie Bonner and team graced the cover of Lucan Newsletter.


Lucan & Italy: Italian Ambassador Marcello Salimei gets a parting gift of Irish Whiskey from Gerard Kenny, of Kenny's Vesey Arms, before flying out to Rome for the match.

We had a ball!
Italia '90 did wonders for our confidence. We still cherish those memories, and look forward to cheering our Boys in Green in the future.

By all accounts, the party in Ireland far outweighed the one in Italy - the late Con Houlihan wished he had been among his own in Ireland to share the experience. Some years later he remarked:
Italia '90, I missed it - I was in Italy at the time.