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22 May 2022
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No letters will be published unless full contact details (Phone Number / Address), have been submitted with same - not necessarily for publication.


Main Street Clinic

Main Street Clinic wishes to sincerely thank all of our patients, their families and friends who supported us by making a submission to SDCC during the recent Part 8 Consultation process concerning Main Street and the Village Green.

Your submissions were part of a broad-based cross community effort to maintain existing parking within the Village so that people of all ages can continue to access essential services.

Over 7000 submissions were received either online or by post setting an all-time record for a Part 8 Consultation Process which shows how passionate people feel about their Village and it's future development.

Excess traffic through the Village over the Liffey Bridge and inadequate parking remain as major issues for Lucan.

Please engage with Local Councillors with your creative ideas as to how these 2 important problems can be addressed thereby leading to a calmer and more peaceful Village.