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4 December 2016
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As Christmas approaches, we wish to sincerely thank you, our loyal supporters in Lucan, for your generous response to all our collections. Your continuous generosity enables us to visit and help people who contact us throughout the year.

2016 has been a busy year. People on low incomes are still struggling. Day to day living can be managed but an unexpected event, such as an illness, a birth or a death can cause huge financial problems. School demands also have risen dramatically, with so much extra-curricular activities on offer. School uniforms and books, first communions and confirmations can set back someone who is already struggling to put food on the table. Christmas time is particularly stressful for many people especially where there are children involved.

We have also experienced a rise in requests for help from people who not so long ago were contributing to SVP themselves. They now find themselves on the receiving end due to loss of a job, a cut in salary, failure to meet mortgage payments, higher cost of living, illness. During the year, we have funded counselling sessions for several clients who have found themselves isolated and depressed because of their continuous struggles.

We assess each case individually and help as best we can. We do not just help financially, but give moral support and guidance where possible. It is good to be able to step in and give much valued assistance and encouragement to carry on.

Our 2016 Christmas appeal takes place at all Masses next weekend, 9th/10th of December. We know that each of you has your own demands too and we really appreciate your generosity. Your donations allow us to look after others.

We wish you and your families, peace and good health this Christmas and always.

St. Vincent de Paul, St Marys Conference, Lucan.


St. Vincent de Paul

The coal shed is empty, the hearthstone is cold,
Another young mother, feeling so old,
Cries in the dark hour before the dawn,
When her child will rise to a hungry morn.
Yet there's a flame, for the ice in her soul,
Will thaw in the warmth of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Aimlessly walking, into months, into years,
In shoes that are worn and down at the heels,
Nothing to do since the company died,
Stealing his dreams, his hope and his pride.
Still, hope is not dead though long was the fall,
It's reborn in a visit from Saint Vincent de Paul.

She measures the hour with each tick of the clock,
Shadow at the door has a moneylender's knock,
She wanders the shops at the close of the day,
Maybe there's something they're giving away.
Most times she goes home with nothing at all,
And waits for the faithful Saint Vincent de Paul.

Want has it's haunts in upland and valley,
At the smart side of town and in the back alley,
It's the mould on the bread, it's the final demand,
It's the dead bulb hanging, it's life second hand,
Dark in the mind, you can't see past the wall,
Seek the light and the love of Saint Vincent de Paul.

By Paddy Mulhern