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31 July 2016
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Wrapping it up for another year………

This week’s Newsletter will see it wind up until the end of August: and come then the newsletter will begin its 50th year of publication. It’s hard to believe that it has been published in Lucan for such a long time. Over those fifty years a great deal of commitment was needed to keep it newsy and up to date and a good seller with the Lucan populace, and we should spare a thought for those who made it the success story that it is to the present day, each and every one of them a volunteer in the service of Lucan.

What began as a GAA sponsored newsletter has evolved into a true community voice reflecting everything from local history, politics, sports, and religion to an affordable organ of advertising for local goods and services. Many people look forward to the weekly edition as a source of news and entertainment.

Each Thursday the Parish Office of St. Mary’s becomes the engine room of the Newsletter and the dedicated team spend many hours piecing the elements together. Come Friday a group of people assemble and fold each copy and bundle it for delivery and sale. Then the drivers arrive and the Newsletter hits the shops.

So thanks to all you dedicated people who make it appear each week, enjoy the break!


Sad days in Europe………..

The horror of recent events in France has left us all speechless, and just as one event subsides a fresh atrocity more obscene than the last erupts and makes new headlines. The most recent vile murder of the 86 year old priest, butchered while he stood at the altar offering the Sacrifice of the Mass, has plumbed new depths. To enter the house of the Lord with such evil intent must surely be motivated by pure evil – a true work of the devil. Father Jacques Hamel has been described by those who knew him as a man who respected and reached out to everyone irrespective of religion, what a sad irony that he should die in such an act of hatred.

Such an act seeks to drive a wedge between people Christian and Muslim and risks fermenting the kind of reaction that would play right into the hatemongers hands. The response of a Christian people must never to return hatred for hatred or violence for violence, it is love alone that can conquer such destructive ways. We should not brand all Muslim people because of the acts of violent extremists who have twisted their faith into an ideology of hatred but seek to connect with all that is positive and up-building in each other.

Let us all pray for peace.

Fr. Philip Curran