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25 September 2016
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The 8th amendment - at a crossroads for life

The majority share of the media coverage on the debate surrounding the retention of the 8th amendment has been in favour of repeal. This is hardly surprising when the journalist’s representative body the National Union of Journalists have taken an avowedly pro-repeal public stance. The imbalance in presenting the two sides of the debate is all too obvious, and objectivity on the part of journalists has yielded to an ideological ‘group-think’. Even this year’s Rose of Tralee festival was ‘infiltrated’ by a pro repeal ‘Rose’, who it turns out happens to be a journalist, surprise surprise!

We need some clear headed unambiguous thinking on the issue of life, and we certainly won’t find it in our mainstream media. So we are providing an opportunity in Lucan for the pro-life case to be clearly set out and defended.

Come to a Yes to Life meeting on Monday 26th September at 7.30pm in the St. Mary’s Lucan Parish Centre, and learn how you can get involved in a local, parish-based, pro-life initiative.

Yes to Life aim to facilitate as many personal, one-to-one conversations about abortion and the 8th Amendment as possible, and this is your chance to become involved in a nationwide effort to protect Ireland’s pro-life ethos.

People have genuine questions about how we can, as a society, provide compassionate and truly progressive answers for women and their unborn babies, especially those facing unexpected pregnancies.

Yes to Life believe that every child, born and unborn, deserves a chance to live his or her life to the fullest of their potential.

At the meeting, you will learn how to defend your pro-life beliefs with compassion and with factual clarity – and you will be given free materials to help you do so. So, please come along on Monday 26th September at 7.30pm to the St. Mary’s Lucan Parish Centre. You can play a vital role in defending life.


Thank You
Thanks to all who helped with St. Mary’s Parish ‘Thank You gathering.’ In the Spa Hotel on Friday night last, almost three hundred people attended. It proved a great success and was enjoyed by all. We’ve booked for the next one already in 2026! (Joke!)

Fr. Philip Curran